Hearts All Over

I love crafting with my kids. Well, sort of. I hover nearby with wipes at-the-ready to cleanup any smudge of finger paint that goes off the page. I try to let the kids be kids, but I seriously think if I let them ‘run free’ with the paints, so-to-speak, I would have call in a professional cleaning crew after panicking about the mess. Not that I don’t love those tiny fingerprints on my walls, windows, and doorframes, but there has to be some balance with it all, right?! I cannot wait until the warmer weather arrives! Outdoor mess is OK in my book!

Here is a cute Valentine’s Day craft to do with the kids.


Things to Use:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Finger paints
  • Cardstock or construction paper
  • Picture frames (optional)
  • Wipes

It took me a couple of weeks to collect a handful of toilet paper rolls, and miraculously none of the rolls had that pesky glue on them, so this was a great batch that I remembered to save! You can also gather paper towel rolls and cut them into smaller pieces.

Gather your supplies and start setting up (a quick two minutes!)

Side note: Occasionally, I tape down newspaper before we craft, but the finger paints are super easy for cleanup, so I didn’t for this one. I also like to repurpose spare “stuff” around the house, so I use these small wide-mouth mason jars to hold the paints. And they are great for this type of activity! The toilet paper rolls dip perfectly into the jars! My goal: easy to clean, keeps the paints fairly contained, and a little more aesthetically pleasing than just pouring some globs onto a paper plate – but zero judgment here. I use the paper plate still for when the kids are grabby and don’t want to share certain colors. No need for broken glass.


Any who, getting back to the activity. To make the heart shape, I put a single indented fold into the toilet paper rolls, and made an outward fold into the opposite side. See the photo below; this is the most odd description…It takes seconds for one paper roll to magically transform to a heart stamp!


I do this to a handful of paper rolls, and then stand them all up around the paint jars. Let the kids dip or hulk splat (as my son is prone to do excitedly) their heart-shaped paper rolls into the paint, and stamp away!

This is fun for the littles; they can mix the colors, squeeze the paper rolls to change the shape of the hearts, and easily fill up a handful of cardstock pages. Getting the kids to dip their heart stamps into the small mason jars helps with fine motor skills, bonus! When they are done with the paper rolls, they can evolve to hand prints, or devolve to coating their hands in finger paints, because well, sensory art.

What!? I’m not mailing some of them out as little Valentine’s cards to the aunties and grandparents…  🙂


I personally like to pull out a few picture frames (because seriously, who doesn’t have a few extra floating around somewhere?!) and once their heart-art is dry, you can pick a few pieces to frame and make a cute holiday decoration! It dresses up their art, and is a source of pride for them, showing that you value their work!

Here is a glimpse of our finished heart-art!


Enjoy the love,



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