Truth. This was not what I pictured myself starting in 2017. But, the idea to somehow share my experiences about being a mom, raising and teaching my kids, and doing all things DIY has been on my mind for awhile! And this is the perfect spot for me to share my ideas!

At New England Niche, I want to make connections with other Moms & Dads out there who want to make their kid(s) childhood more magical! To connect with parents who want to nourish and enrich those little minds through play and sensory adventures! To connect with the adults who love to DIY all the things!

How this all came about. About a year ago, my feelings about my career started changing. My husband and I brainstormed ideas. I was thinking, “Something drastic! A whole new start!” He ever so casually mentioned blogging, and I brushed that aside so fast. Under the rug, no-way, who do you think I am, Ms. Congeniality??? I could never run a blog on my own! Ha. Well goodbye old thoughts, and Hello 2017! I started opening my mind to more eclectic career options. One of my two sisters (thoughtfully dubbed my Florida sister) had started a blog, which I admire both for style and creative content. It served to plant the seed of blogging late in the 2016 year. My Florida sister was in New England for the holidays, and she really was (and is) able to read me and my train of thought for what it is; excitedly scattered. I can be talking about one thing one minute, and then my mind maps a way to another topic so quickly that I loose the original point of what I was saying…. Wait, where was I going with that?? Oh, right. My Florida sister is able to get me to focus on something specific in a convo, like wanting a career change. “What are you passionate about, Jules?” A seemingly easy question, with a readily easy answer from me. My kids. Crafting. DIY. So much more than just those things though!

The New England Niche blog is going to serve a few purposes. I would love to share my motherhood experiences, raising my kids, and my DIY lifestyle. I love to create. It is my outlet for energy. Channeling creative energy into projects with my kids or for my house – that is my passion. My kids are young, and my son has Sensory Processing Disorder, so many of my projects and focuses with them are getting into sensory-based play. And that is great for every kid, no matter a diagnosis! I am embarking on making their childhoods more magical and full of learning experiences outside the ordinary. Come join me!

So, I am hoping to share all this love of creating with you, my thoughtful and crafty readers.

Stay tuned for new projects!



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