Love the Mess

I love sensory bins! I don’t remember where I saw them (hello 100 pins) or whom I heard the idea from (school, OT), but sensory bins are a great… ready for it …sensory activity! It also helps hone fine motor skills and imagination. And, it can be especially perfect when the kids start transitioning into … Continue reading Love the Mess


Racing Through the Day

Some days just disappear. The green flag waves as soon as one of the kids climbs onto my bed in the morning and the race, I mean the day, has begun! When the yellow flag waves midday and we pause for lunch, sometimes it feels like I am scrambling to hold onto the afternoon to … Continue reading Racing Through the Day


Truth. This was not what I pictured myself starting in 2017. But, the idea to somehow share my experiences about being a mom, raising and teaching my kids, and doing all things DIY has been on my mind for awhile! And this is the perfect spot for me to share my ideas! At New England … Continue reading Welcome!