Marshmallow Dough

Seeking sensory input and imaginative play ideas! Reason for the delay in posting is that I was on a streak of failed DIY crafts with the kids! Sigh. And I was trying to make an Easter banner, do some St. Patrick’s Day themed decorations….all to the recycle bin. I would say I feel embarrassed that … Continue reading Marshmallow Dough


Watercolor the Walls

Do any other parents ever struggle with what to keep from their children’s’ childhood? Doodles, handprint art, noodle necklaces, a pre-K report card? I’ve given a little thought to saving all the things that my kids create. Honestly, I have a small plastic bin for both of them, and really there are only a few … Continue reading Watercolor the Walls

The Fizz

Sometimes on those really long-reaching days, when the winds are howling outside, the temps dip into the single digits, and the snow is falling, we get stir crazy! We have a pretty solid swath of boredom busters we turn to for those days, but sometimes even the boredom busters get old. What do you do … Continue reading The Fizz

Hearts All Over

I love crafting with my kids. Well, sort of. I hover nearby with wipes at-the-ready to cleanup any smudge of finger paint that goes off the page. I try to let the kids be kids, but I seriously think if I let them ‘run free’ with the paints, so-to-speak, I would have call in a professional … Continue reading Hearts All Over

Love the Mess

I love sensory bins! I don’t remember where I saw them (hello 100 pins) or whom I heard the idea from (school, OT), but sensory bins are a great… ready for it …sensory activity! It also helps hone fine motor skills and imagination. And, it can be especially perfect when the kids start transitioning into … Continue reading Love the Mess

Racing Through the Day

Some days just disappear. The green flag waves as soon as one of the kids climbs onto my bed in the morning and the race, I mean the day, has begun! When the yellow flag waves midday and we pause for lunch, sometimes it feels like I am scrambling to hold onto the afternoon to … Continue reading Racing Through the Day


Truth. This was not what I pictured myself starting in 2017. But, the idea to somehow share my experiences about being a mom, raising and teaching my kids, and doing all things DIY has been on my mind for awhile! And this is the perfect spot for me to share my ideas! At New England … Continue reading Welcome!